Digital Factory™ - Industry Defining software for Additive Manufacturing Workflow Management - Production Planning, Scheduling, Nesting, E-commerce.
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    Digital Factory™ - Patented enterprise-grade production management tools for 3D printing.
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    Digital Factory is designed to give your customers what they want - Customized products
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    Real Product Customization for Jewelry without inventory - Patent & Patent Pending.
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Additive Manufacturing Made Easy

Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations Using our Patented Additive Manufacturing Workflow Management Software solutions.

Complete End-To-End solution

Digital Factory™ is a patented end-to-end Manufacturing Enterprise Solution for Additive manufacturing, providing Digital Thread workflow Management for organizing production activities including production scheduling, nesting, and bin (tray) packing as well as an array of software module enhancements. Our software is platform agnostic enabling you to use our system with any vendors 3D Printing hardware. Tie directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), Product Data Management System (PDM), CRM system for sales for a truly scalable solution. We also offer tools for Managing your fleet of printers, On-Demand distributed manufacturing and product customization tools.

Nothing Else to Buy to Get Started

Get started in as little as 10 minutes, select and use the tools you need. 




Cloud Based

Digital Factory™ is an ultra-high-reliability scalable cloud-based workflow manufacturing system for Additive Manufacturing. Sign up & get started!

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Digital Traveler

Digital Traveler™ is a patented part marking technology for serial manufacturing. Keep track of every order in your manufacturing process in every build guaranteed!

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Part Nesting

Digital Factory™ includes tools for automated part nesting and bin packing maximize your productivity. Orders are automatically routed, stacked, nested and made ready to manufacture!

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Management tools

Additive Manufacturing software tools for receiving orders, converting orders to manufacturing jobs, production scheduling, nesting and tracking. We make your job a snap.

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Patented E-commerce integrations powered by Digital Factory™ designed to make your site beautiful plus a full html/css editor built in. No coding required!

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Developers tools

Digital Factory was created with customization in mind to enable 3D printings true power to show. Develop tools for the community for or yourself as plugins and modules.

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Pro-Quote™ Instant quotes for Additive Manufacturing makes it easy to price and accept orders securely online. Accept credit cards, Paypal and Purchase Orders.

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Easy Shipping

Digital Factory™ includes integration with all major carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL & more with, bulk shipping, auto label generation, customs forms & much more.

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Digital Factory™ in conjunction with our partner Kraftwurx, offers fulfillment services with our printers but we can also support your own printers, customs forms & much more.

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Digital Factory™ - will set your brand apart with patented tools for customization. Let your customers design their own products. It's what they want!

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Seamless integration with PayPal - makes collecting payments a snap. We can even offer Paypal adaptive payments & Paypal Chained payments too.

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24/7 Support

Digital Factory™ includes amazing support - We're here to help you change the world with 3D printing. Our attentive staff and account managers are here to help address your concerns and take your advice.

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One Platform for Everyone

In 2004 we invented and in 2006 patented a new kind of Enterprise Software specifically for Additive Manufacturing. Digital Factory™ - A platform containing a suite of software modules for E-commerce and Additive Manufacturing Workflow Management. Digital Factory™ empowers your business with the tools and technology for a wide variety of activities from a single vendor, tightly integrated, enabling you to operate a website with quotation, an ecommerce system or a production bureau with your own equipment.

Digital Factory is  the only patented end-to-end MES for Additive Manufacturing. We offer Production Workflow Management Solutions, Engineering Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, online web stores, in-store kiosks, Part analysis, part traceability, nesting and of course product Mass-Customization. 

Patents 8,515,826, RE46807, 10089662, 11,010,800 & Multiple Patents Pending



Any platform, responsive templates and amazing cutting edge technology, turn-key

Everything You need for Digital Manufacturing


The future of Additive Manufacturing is here and traditional Enterprise Software systems aren't up to the challenge, that's why we invented Digital Factory™. A complete-end-to-end solution, designed to accelerate your adoption of Additive manufacturing.  We think you'll find Digital Factory™ the best solution available - period. Run your own production facility, Operate a Web store on your domain and engage your customers with On-demand manufacturing and more. We also offer consulting, custom development and whatever it takes to help you be successful. 


Our Clients Digital Factory™ in action

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We offer expert 3D Printing consulting, manufacturing fulfillment, custom software development & much more. Our team is here to help you turn your ideas into reality and get to market fast and can scale and expand at the pace of your business.


Any platform, responsive templates and amazing cutting edge technology, turn-key

  • "What People Are Saying About Us"

    There are plenty of ways to get your designs 3D printed at high resolution and in cool materials. You can even sell your designs in a few places. But 3D printing company Kraftwürx announced the next step in 3D printing commerce"! Ken Denmead- GeekDad.com
  • "Design Here, Buy Anywhere with
    Global, 3D Printing"

    "The company is also ramping up efforts to sell its online "digital factory" platform to individual entrepreneurs, businesses and even big-name brands that want to open their own online stores for 3D-printable products." Jeremy Hsu - Yahoo!
  • "Is easy-access 3-D printing really possible?"

    Kraftwurx Inc. is bringing the convenience of Amazon.com Inc. to the world of 3-D printing. Molly Ryan - Houston Business Journal
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