3D Printing ECommerce for Everyone

Now anyone can start a 3D printing Ecommerce website to sell products made in the future with 3D Printing. Digital Factory is a turnkey platform that lets businesses sell their branded products with 3D printing online, in-store & on Facebook with customization included on your own domain backed by our experience with Digital Factory™. We offer turn-key solutions and world-class fulfillment in the industries best-in-class solution for Digital Manufacturing. Everything is built-in and consulting is available, making your Digital Manufacturing Enterprise a success.


Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending



Revolutionary Customization Technology


Digital Factory™ is the worlds first fully integrated platform-as-a-service for customized products made with 3D Printing. We create amazing visualization experiences for your products to sell online. We create romance and make the process of customization fun. Mass Customization - It's the new norm!


Custom Brand Integration

Use Digital Factory™ to create brand experiences for online customization and retail sales of hard to find, bespoke and highly customized products. It's not CAD, it's customization...

The Digital Factory™ Theme Store has tons of website themes and templates to help you build a professional site.


Professional Fulfillment


Digital Factory™ - Smartgrid™ is a patent-pending network of professional 3D printing production sites dedicated to fulfillment of your customers products on-demand. With Digital Factory™, we help you set up production and capacity planning to meet your needs so that you can focus designing products to meet your customers needs.


Tools for Production Management too!

Digital Factory™ includes an easy to use order management system designed exclusively for 3D printing-based e-commerce based on our patented and patent-pending Made-to-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise technology.

One platform for e-Commerce an e-Manufacturing dedicated to managing the Factories of the Future™.

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How does it work?

Digital Factory™ is an entirely new form of e-commerce. We turn 3D models into merchandise for retail sales without inventory, produced on demand with 3D printing at hundreds of factories around the world. Simply design 3D models, upload them to your account and start selling, we handle quality, production & shipping and consulting is available. Its a revolutionary way to Print The Planet!

Do you charge Transaction Fees?

Yes. we charge up to 3% depending on the Digital Factory™ 3D printing account plan that you choose.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can open Digital Factory web store for free, publish your 3D models as products for sale retail and tell the world. We handle production, shipping and you get paid. You don't need a credit card to sign up and start selling with Digital Factory and there is no obligation and no risk. Accounts on your own domain start at just $49.99 per month.

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans but if you need help, we're here to help, consulting is available including website development, and software development too.

Do I need to own 3D Printers?

No, Digital Factory™ provides access to our global network called "Smart-Grid™" of more than 136 production facilities and over 300,000 sf. of manufacturing floorspace . We offer an industry leading 85 3D printing materials, the worlds largest selection.

What if I own 3D Printers?

Lucky You! Not only can you use your own printers on your orders, you can also choose to accept orders from your store AND/OR from Digital Factory if you join Smart-Grid™. If your printer is ever busy and you need more capacity, Digital Factory™ and SmartGrid™ are here to help. We can automatically act as extra capacity for your customers. think of it like Cloud Hosting but for Manufacturing.

Can I use my Domain Name?

Yes. Your online store can use an existing domain name that you own, or you can purchase a domain name within the Digital Factory™ control panel. We also provide a free store on Kraftwurx.com.

Who is Digital Factory for?

Digital Factory™ is designed for business. We're here to help your company launch a 3D printing business with powerful tools to go live instantly, without even owning a printer. If you own printers, we've got that covered too. Launch a retail E-Commerce with templates, open and operate an upload and print service and consulting is available too.

What can I create & sell?

We've got the tools, you've got the talent. Create and sell millions of products including custom jewelry, toys, scale modeling and hobby parts, gadgets and even industrial metal components. You design it and sell it, we print it, without inventory, on-demand worldwide at 125 facilities and counting with professional results. We offer an industry leading 85 materials including platinum, palladium, whit and yellow gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and many other materials.


One of our fundamental technologies we've developed is the ability to create stunningly real shopping experiences for retail customers to personalize their own merchandise. You can create and set up text edits, artwork and other embellishments that your customers will actually us

Is it cost effective?

With zero inventory, infinite shelf space and the ability to serve unique customer needs needs, 3D printing can and will change the world.

Do I need a web host?

No. Digital Factory™ from Kraftwurx is a complete solution including a secure hosting system for your online store and products. We use the the best servers from Rackspace cloud-based CDN to ensure your website is reliable and fast.

Plugins for Popular Content Management Systems




 Digital Factory™ has solutions to integrate with many popular shopping cart systems 


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Omni-Channel Sales - Sell your 3D Printed Products Everywhere!

Digital Factory™ includes an omni-channel sales & distribution system that let's you offer your 3D designs curated by other shop owners and made available for sale through other Digital Factory™ stores and large box-store retailers worldwide. You choose to sell on your site and to offer your designs elsewhere. Your products are stored securely in our servers and retailers do not have access to the original models meaning your products remain your products and you earn royalties when they sell, regardless of the site sold on.

With Digital Factory from Kraftwurx, 3D Printing can truly grow sales worldwide and usher in the next industrial revolution.




One Platform for Everyone

In 2004 we invented and in 2006 patented a new kind of Enterprise Software specifically for Additive Manufacturing. Digital Factory™ - A platform containing a suite of software modules for E-commerce and Additive Manufacturing Workflow Management. Digital Factory™ empowers your business with the tools and technology for a wide variety of activities from a single vendor, tightly integrated, enabling you to operate a website with quotation, an ecommerce system or a production bureau with your own equipment.

Digital Factory is  the only patented end-to-end MES for Additive Manufacturing. We offer Production Workflow Management Solutions, Engineering Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, online web stores, in-store kiosks, Part analysis, part traceability, nesting and of course product Mass-Customization. 

Patents 8,515,826, RE46807, 10089662, 11,010,800 & Multiple Patents Pending



Any platform, responsive templates and amazing cutting edge technology, turn-key