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The first Digital Factory™ customer was us!


We Pioneered Additive Manufacturing workflow software

We invented and patented Enterprise Additive Manufacturing workflow management software setting the stage for the next Industrial Revolution in 2005. It's been our mission to bring innovative tools for On-demand Digital Manufacturing to the mainstream and make it available to everyone. Digital Factory powered our original platform in 2006 and Kraftwurx since 2011, now it's your turn!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make tools & technology for Additive Manufacturing available to everyone so your business can focus on building and selling your products, not building software. Use our platform to manage every aspect of your 3D Printing business.

Why Choose Digital Factory™?

Additive Manufacturing presents unique challenges for Industry 4.0. No need to develop custom software or stitch together a unique solution yourself. With 16 years of Additive Manufacturing Experience, we defined the industry and continue to innovate today. Ready to start your Additive Manufacturing business? We've got you covered.

Join the next industrial revolution? Work with the best team in the industry for Enterprise-Grade Solutions..


E-commerce Integration

Get Started fast with beautiful templates on Wix, Shopify, Volusion and other platforms..


Customization Made Easy

A growing array of consumer-driven customization features and powerful visualization tools. Give your customers want what they want!


Production Tools

Powerful production workflow management tools that scale with your business that are super easy to use too!


Analytics & more

Deep Machine Learning and powerful analytics tools enable you to be more efficient in both manufacturing and sales!