Shipping Support Built In


Worldwide Shipping support is built in to Digital Factory™ - Standard. We have shipping support for many major carriers and you have the ability to choose which carriers to offer. Digital Factory Shipping also includes:

  • Automatic Label Generation
  • Customer notifications on order shipment occurs real-time.
  • Shipping error notifications and exceptions.
  • International Shipping Support
  • Combine Shipping in one box/multiple



PayPal & PayPal Adaptive Payments


PayPal, the most widely trusted online payment solution is perfectly integrated with Digital Factory. Not only do we have standard PayPal payments to your own store but we have PayPal Chained and Adaptive Payments too. Adaptive Payments and Chained Payments allow everyone to get paid in real-time. Payments are split automatically and Digital Factory keeps track of the financials letting you see where the money went:

  • Adaptive Payments
  • Chained Payments
  • Payment buttons
  • Recurring Payments
  • Both on-Site and Redirect standard payments




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