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Management Team


Chris Norman

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a Manufacturing Engineer specializing in computer-integrated manufacturing technology with 17 years experience with fortune 500 companies including Dell, Applied Materials and the Artcarved Balfour Jewelry company. He's the driving force behind Kraftwurx quest to 3D print the planet. Chris holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA in Technology Management. Chris is a 19 year member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and member of the RTAM - Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Technical community to SME. Chris is a father and private pilot.Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.

Previous Startup: Arcalux.




Bill Decker

Chief Marketing Office

Binghamton University BA Psychology Rotterdam Erasmus MBA Professional working proficiency Mandarin Bill is the Honorary Chairman of the Association of 3D printing, the trade association in the 3D Printing/additive manufacturing industry. Bill is a multi-lingual, experienced marketing industry veteran who founded the 3D Printing Trade Association and currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the industry.Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.

Prior Experience: The Association for 3D Printing.





Patrick Seaman

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick was Vice President and CTO at which was acquired by Yahoo! for $ He also built and launched the first video ecommerce platform, Cinsay. Advised company, recruited many of the senior management team, reorganized the company and business model from an early-stage startup revenue share job shop to a global SaaS model. Supported private equity raise of nearly $50m.. Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.

Previous Startups: Cinsay,




John Alpine

Chief Technology Officer

John was Vice President of Global Software at 3D Systems Corporation. Prior to 3D Systems, John has a long career in 3D Software development at Ping Fu's Geomagic, VP of Partner Strategy at Dassault's SolidWorks and prior to Solidworks was VP of R&D at Spatial, a 3D CAD Kernel company - which was instrumental as a part of Solidworks 3D CAD Kernel Parasolid. John is substantial figure in the CAD/3D Software world and brings 33 years of software experience.

Previous companies: 3D Systems, Geomagic, Solidworks, Spatial, Agilent, Hewlett-PAckard


Kevin Hasley

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is the co-founder and first outside investor to Kraftwurx. Kevin is a successful businessman as President of Nabors Glass, a multi-million dolllar commercial construction company in Houston, TX. Kevin is an avid sketch artist with an amazing talent to draw. When not working, can be found spending time with his Wife or hunting.. Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.

Previous Experience: Nabors Glass, Inc.



Kraftwurx is a start-up created to empower designers and engineers around the world with the tools and technology to Turn Ideas Into Reality™, produced on-demand using 3D printing. It's a passion we've held since 2006 when we created Digital Factory™ which powers our website. This technology minimizes waste and is a fundamental reason why we believe that 3D printing will change the world. We also have the lowest carbon footprint of any manufacturer on the planet because, unlike our competitors, we produce locally, often in your own city or state, reducing transportation and shipping costs and keeping trucks off the road.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas Kraftwurx has ties with the industrial institution through technology manufacturing in Austin, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and over 110 production facilities worldwide producing products for you.

Core Developers

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Greg Borbonus

Senior Developer
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Tony Parisi

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Dave Arendash

Technical Developer
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Florian Bosche


Additional Staff

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Kevin Sherman

Nix System Admin
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Francisco Arevalo

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Debbie Nabors

Office Manager
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Lydia Back

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Luca Coyle

Social Media

Advisory Board

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Joseph Pine

Mass Customization
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Randolph Marsh

Intellectual Property
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Kemal Farid

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Jamie Wright

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Hallie Vanderhider