Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software

Powerful software to Scale Additive Manufacturing 

Digital Factory™ is an integrated suite of a patented modular Additive manufacturing software. Our Digital MES  system includes powerful Production planning, Scheduling and Order Management Solutions that make it easy to manage and operate your fleet of Additive Manufacturing Printers, regardless of brand in an agnostic platform to meet your needs. Patents and Patents Pending.

Order Input and Processing

Pro-Quote™ - Offers real-time automated price quotations and our API enables streamlined order acceptance from multiple sources.

Easily accept, track, print and ship orders

See order status, manage orders, Discrepant Materials, quality metrics, manage printers, scheduled maintenance reporting &'s all here.

Bin / Tray Packing & Nesting, Scheduling & more

Tools for productivity in most advanced Digital Manufacturing platform available - Patent and Patent Pending!


Patents 8,515,826, RE46807E1 ,11,010,800, 10089662 & Patents Pending  


File Checking - Quality Control Tool


Garbage-in-garbage-out! Digital Factory prevents many errors from starting by checking files at upload. If there's a problem and the model can't be repaired automatically, the file can't save.


Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending

Shipping Built In


Shipping orders in a mixed production environment can be challenging - it's easy to lose track of which order goes where. When combined with our patented Digital Traveler, our shipping tools makes shipments a snap. Click-Print-Ship simplicity with all major shipping carriers is included. Set up your shipping accounts and get started in minutes.There are even tools for regional hub distribution.

Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending



Digital Traveler™ - Easy Order Management

Tracking Orders in a mixed production environment can be challenging - Introducing Digital Traveler™ - State-Of-The-Art Digital Part Marking technology that makes other part tracking methods obsolete. Set up your travelers as direct part markings, break-away-tabs, loops and rings as well as sprues for casting and more. When the product is ordered, the order information you assign is added to each unique order. Markings can be human readable or barcode/ Datamatrix information. Never mix up orders again!

Patent 1008966, 1716352, & Patents Pending




We offer expert 3D Printing consulting, manufacturing fulfillment, custom software development & much more. Our team is here to help you turn your ideas into reality and get to market fast and can scale and expand at the pace of your business.

Any platform, responsive templates and amazing cutting edge technology, turn-key

Production Packing (Nesting Batch Control)


Automate the generation of packed trays (bins) of 3D CAD Models and greatly improve your production efficiency - Optimize manufacturing operations and device utilization with state-of-the-art production scheduling tools that ensure fast delivery of products with minimum cost and waste. Our Master Production Scheduling and Optimized Routing/Nesting system ensures optimal results. When coupled with the Digital Traveler part marking technology you can be sure that you can find every order with no hassle and ensure delivery to the right customer - Guaranteed.


11,010,800 & 10089662

Additional Patents Pending



Thin Wall Detection - Quality Control Tool


Quality-Control - The most important aspect for production is quality control and Digital Factory handles materials beautifully with Thin-Wall Detection for 3D Printing. Each material has unique properties and Thin-Wall Detection from Digital Factory finds problem areas and displays them at upload, helping to prevent problems in production later.

Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending



Click-Print-Ship Simplicity


Digital Factory™ - makes 3D Printing order management easy with click-print-ship simplicity. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Click to accept the orders into your queue
  • Produce the parts
  • Click the Label Print button
  • Receive pre-printed and addressed shipping labels
  • Easy as 1-2-3

Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending

Order Management


Manage production from your Digital Factory™ control panel, Run production directly at each printer & manage production queues in real-time all with the elegance and simplicity of touch-screen .

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Digital Factory™ provides data reporting on production, machine utilization & statistics important to you and management with options to add more features including scheduled maintenance.

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Data Export


Digital Factory™ lets you export all of your data for reporting, statistics and accounting directly to your favorite applications & with odbc drivers you can directly connect other apps like Quickbooks & Sugar CRM.

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Automated Shipping


Digital Factory™ includes click it - print it - ship it simplicity with automated shipping label generation through global carriers including Fedex, UPS, US Mail Canada & Australia Post.

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