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    The only In-Store Kiosk Solution for 3D Printing!
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The easiest solution, to offer 3D printing Services in Store

Touch Screen Kiosks

Tabletop Kiosks

Digital Factory™ works without any modifications with standard all-in-one computers including multi-touch enabled systems.

Free Standing Kiosks

Create amazing in-store experiences for creating custom product s with 3D printing, let your customers place orders too.

Multi-Touch Tabletops

Stunning interactive creativity on tabletop kiosks is the next-generation of custom with 3D printing. It's just awesome!




Our kiosk solutions are the easiest way to display, showcase and sell 3D printed merchandise in-store. Give your customers the opportunity to experience customization for fun and set your brand apart. Our kiosks attract real customers which means more traffic in your store. Digital Factory also provides a great way to manage a 3D print service in-store.

Kiosks Matter

In today's hyper-competitive retail environment, brick and mortar retailers can no longer compete on price alone. To find success in this new global market, retailers must differentiate themselves from other stores, build better customer relationships and deliver a new level of service excellence that keeps shoppers returning, and even sharing their positive experience with family and friends. Digital Factory seamlessley integrates kiosk-based shopping experiences with customization and social media.