Digital Traveler™

Automated part marking for serial manufacturing - Standard. Digital Traveler is a patented and patent pending method for tracking unique orders in a high-mix, high volume flexible manufacturing environment with 3D printing. One of the hardest things to track is who's parts belong to who when the build includes many parts for different customers. We've automated part marking so every unique order can be tracked without headache.

  • Direct Part Marking on parts
  • Casting Sprues for Jewelry and other cast products.
  • Human Readable text.
  • 1D Barcodes
  • 2D Data-matrix
  • Logos


Patent 8,515,826 & Patents Pending



By creating traceable serialized manufacturing part numbers, serial numbers and data capable markings, Digital Factory lets you keep production organized with no worries about who's order is who's. Our part marking technology works for serialized and custom orders on every part you make. You can even encode data into a Data Matrix for heat number, lot number and traceable parts manufacturing on the fly. Travelers are available as a protruding tabs, placard, appendages, break-away tabs, direct part marking, rings and other methods enabling an object to be readily identified.




Sprues, Tabs and Direct Part Marking


Castable Sprues



 Nested production Tray with serialized part numbers on each unique order.