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Customization for Jewelry - The Next Industrial Revolution


Jewelry is a powerful product. It has a certain allure to it that attracts everyone for one reason or another. Like most products, buying Jewelry is a very personal experience. Most of the Jewelry we buy however is not personal. When we buy custom Jewelry from Jarred, Zales and even James Avery it's the same merchandise others buy by the thousands. We can do better! 


Custom Jewelry is Expensive, time consuming and did I mention expensive? Consumers are not designers and they will never become good at the tools needed to design custom jewelry. It is simply not logical to think that consumers will do anything other than consume. They will however tweak things. This is proven over and over with websites like NikeID, every car manufacturers website, Zazzle, Cafe Press etc... So how do you deliver custom jewelry to consumers and why would they care? One of our advisors Joseph Pine wrote the book Mass Customization and the Experience economy. Both excellent reading for anyone in retail. The experience economy tells us that consumers want authenticity - in a unique experience when you approach them for a sale while Mass Customization tells us that consumers are every bit as unique as we expect and that they don;t really want the same thing everyone else has yet that is what mass-manufacturing delivers to them.

3D Printing for me was first experienced in 2006 while I attended Texas A&M University studying for my BS in Engineering. Of course working in engineering means that you see this technology virtually every day but it was clunky in the 1990's and everyone really called it Rapid Prototyping in those days. Today it's a different story and 3D Printing technology for Jewelry is probably the most advanced of any industry the technology serves. It is something that became apparent to me around 2004 - that 3D printing for Jewelry could revolutionize the way we design, make and sell custom Jewelry online.

We believe that Digital Factory from Kraftwurx represents the killer app that Jewelry is looking for wrapped in a beautiful and seamless platform that will enable you to start, run and deliver custom and bespoke jewelry to your customers and best of all - you don't need to do any coding, that's right, no software development necessary.


It's truly time to start the next industrial revolution.