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We've been around the block!


Digital Factory is the result of nearly 10 years of research and development in 3D printing. We're turning 3D printing technologies loose on everyone. Why should a few have all the fun?

Digital Factory was patented in 2006 by Digital Reality, Inc. -Made-To-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise.

3D Printing Mass Customization


One of 3D Printings advantages is it's ability to offer mass-customization - meaning many different products can be made to meet individual customers preferences. We're not talking about just color, we are talking about changing geometry too. Helmets that fit, shoes that snug, prosthetic implements that are comfortable and virtually anything else you can image.

We feel strongly that the "Digital Factories" of the future will offer changes in manufacturing that will give consumers choices in ways they can't yet image.

Joseph Pine - Author of the books "Mass Customization" and "The Experience Economy" has joined our advisory board and we're sure he'll have a few ideas that you'll love!

Kraftwurx & Digital Factory


How do Digital Factory and Kraftwurx fit together? That's an easy question to answer. Digital Factory powers the Kraftwurx website - as a customer.

We started working on the Digital Factory system in 2004 - we've been developing and improving our technology ever since. While other companies have been vocal about bringing 3D printing to the markets, we've been commercializing technology that we patented in 2006.

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Factory of the Future


We built the platform to change the world through 3D printing


So you think that the factory of the future is a fully-automated building filled with 3D printing systems and intelligent software?  You think the factory resembles a Kinko's rather than a factory where "toner" and "paper" (raw materials) go into the system and a massive stream of customized products comes out.  It is an incredibly efficient concept for sure, one with virtually zero waste.  Software and hardware seamlessly handle everything from decisions on what to make and when to make it. Still other software makes decisions that ensure the entire system stays on track to get you whatever you ordered on time and for the best price.There is no dirt on the floor and employees wear shorts an Polo shirts while they attend to the items made by the system and destined for your house.

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Turnkey Sites & Custom Integration

Retailers who sell everything from are discovering the value of letting customers create their own unique products. Retailers use Big Data to present a personalized set of products to their customers—it’s been a driving force behind Amazon’s success. Now brands are taking personalization a big step forward into mass customization. They are discovering that they can elevate customer loyalty and engagement—and use their customer base as an engine of advocacy to potential buyers.  

Mass customization was coined by Stan Davis over 20 years ago. When he made that statement, it was truly perplexing. It was Henry Ford - You can have any color so long as it's black!...


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