In 2004 Kraftwurx CEO, Chris Norman was sitting on the sofa watching his older son Austin Brown play a video game called Midnight Club. As a technologist and manufacturing engineer, Norman realized that Computer Aided Design, 3D Printing and Web technology were on a path to converge and his vision was to create a system for the customized manufacture of Class Rings. Norman wrote a business plan, called Jim Westberg, VP N. American Sales at Solidscape Inc. to talk about volume manufacturing with wax printers. Within months, Norman realized that the workflow and technology required to accomplish this vision simply did not exist so he set out to create it.

The ability to do in-browser 3D was limited to plugins for Internet Explorer and nothing on the market existed for the in-browser design and customization tools that would be required for customizing class rings. Soon, norman realized that the tools were generic and would be applicable for the creation of virtually anything by additive manufacturing once technology caught up. This was the birth of Digital Factory™ from Kraftwurx&reserve;.