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Welcome to Digital Factory!

30 Dec 2014 14:22 #2 by dfactory
Digital Factory was an idea we had in 2004 to create an online community that would "empower consumers for Mass Customization" of an infinite array of products and produce them through 3D additive fabrication, also called Rapid Prototyping. It's just a fancy way of saying we've created the ultimate ability for consumers to buy what they want and for new products to get to market without a factory!

Our purpose it to give you complete freedom to create, buy and sell virtually anything! Design it, publish it, buy it or sell it! We liked the idea so much we patented it!

Its the ultimate in creativity where 3D designers and Digital Artists can showcase and sell designs in our online market. You're not just selling your 3D model, you are turning your 3D models into real products that consumers buy! It's a concept called Direct Digital Manufacturing and we think its the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Its simple, Designers and artists do what they do best, they design and create. Consumers do what they do best, they shop for stuff they want. We handle the rest. We market your ideas and we manufacture the products for your customers so that what they get is exactly what they wanted!

So what's the big deal then? There are lots of differences but the biggest deal is that the items we sell are never made until somebody orders it and we make them by printing them in 3D directly from the 3D model you interact with. There's no labor, no factory, no inventory and we ship as soon as its printed.

Another great difference is that you can request products be designed by uploading pictures of your idea, sketches and having a professional designer or artist make it for you.

The best part is that everyone can customize many of the products we produce. You can write on it, put pictures on it and customize the product without undermining the original idea or design.

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